12 Memorable Meals of the Christmas Season

The holiday season has all but come to an end. Thank goodness! My tummy is beginning to feel fragile and my belly is starting to look a little portly again! 1. Count down started at my cousin's joint 60th birthday party and her brother's 40th wedding anniversary celebration. We enjoyed a 'Bring and Braai', meat… Continue reading 12 Memorable Meals of the Christmas Season


Word of the Week: Organized

I can't believe how this week has simply flown by! I arrived at the office on Monday to hear that the time slot for Heritage day celebrations had been reduced by an hour, so which activity should we drop? We'll drop the cultural artifact activity, I say. Then I had to rethink the prizes for… Continue reading Word of the Week: Organized


Word of the Week: Prepare

Another unexpected end to the week. On Friday we were officially informed that our contracts are unlikely to be renewed; mine expires end of October. And even worse, that there is the possibility that they may be terminated early. The organization that I have been contracted to is under severe pressure from their stakeholders. Their… Continue reading Word of the Week: Prepare