Healthy Living Dashboard

I haven’t enjoyed this experiment, so won’t be continuing with the Dashboard. But I would like to summarize my progress over these past four weeks.

Water Consumption

I am satisfied with the progress that I have made and would have removed this indicator from the Dashboard had I continued. I have gone from drinking a single glass of water and several cups of tea a day, to drinking several glasses of water and perhaps two cups of tea. My cousin, who is a Herbalife executive, recommends that we drink 3 – 4 liters a day because of our hot weather, but I sit in an air-conditioned office most of the day and I believe that would be water overload for me. I drink between one and two liters of water a day which I think is sufficient to keep my body healthy.


I have started to become creative with my Herbalife shakes once again as I was starting to get quite bored. And when I get bored with my eating, I go out and look for junk food. I am not like my cousins, who seem to eat or drink the same Herbalife meals day in and day out without getting bored. So I am making good use of all our delicious summer fruits to bring variety to my day.


I am really struggling to be consistent with my exercise program. It’s so simple and yet I don’t seem to be able to stick to it. The weather has not helped, with rain in the early mornings most days. This past week I tried to move the training to after work, but so far taking my daughter to the doctor and the puppy to the vet became higher priorities. As it should be!


I haven’t had any further weight loss. So it seems that the extra sitting that I’m doing coupled with the lack of exercise, is conspiring to keep my weight stable. I have to get moving, it seems. I still have complete faith in myself that I will achieve my weight loss goals! March is just around the corner and for me, there is no better motivation than a deadline.


The 16:8 cycle is an easy cycle to stick to. I have shortened the fasting window most weekends because I still have family staying with me from Hong Kong. When they make breakfast, they make breakfast for me as well as a sign of respect. Last Sunday I made Herbalife shakes for them for breakfast 😁. I have been fasting for nearly a year now. It has become a way of life for me, it’s not something that I have to actively think about anymore.

Overall, I am feeling positive and healthy just not as physically fit and slim as I would like to be. Time to move on.

Herbalife with prickly pear juice and a dollop of thick yoghurt. One of the tastiest shakes I’ve made in a long time. For those who haven’t heard of prickly pears, it is the fruit of a cactus plant known as Opuntia.

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