Healthy Living Dashboard: Week 3

This week has flown by! After three days at the office, I was grateful to have the day off on Friday. I had breakfast on the patio while watching the butterflies flit across the garden and the dragonflies dance across the pool. To my complete amazement, I was so relaxed that I fell fast asleep! What a lovely, lazy morning.

This week did not pan out as expected, so I am a little disappointed. Monday was very busy. My daughter has enrolled at a new school and registration took a lot longer than expected. We took our little Pomeranian to the vet to be neutered before that and there was a small queue when we arrived. We were lucky though, because the queue about half an hour after we arrived suddenly quadrupled! At midday we received a text from the vet to say that we could collect our pup at 3pm, so we decided to while away the time over lunch! Yes, you guessed it, the Herbalife shake stayed in the fridge!

We’ve had visitors for most of December and some of January. We breathed a sigh of relief when everyone left to go home. And I took the opportunity to have a big clean out. My store room was packed to the rafters and we could not find anything when we wanted it. Now it is looking so much emptier. The only problem is that there are bags of ‘not sure what to do with this’ cluttering my house again. And we are gearing up for a couple more family guests coming in on Sunday.

Now that I have set expectations about my week, let’s have a look at my dashboard.


The week didn’t start off well. What with the very busy Monday and then having to be at the office by 8 every day, I found it hard to adjust. So when Friday rolled round, even though I had the day off, I set off for a walk by myself. I was glad that I did because it set me up to still achieve my goal for the week. Despite the late start, I walked three times this week, with a long walk on Sunday.

Progress this week: 100%


Yesterday I received a badge from the Zero app for fasting throughout January without skipping a day! Although I haven’t been able to keep to the 16:8 cycle, my average for the month was still 15 hours. To get myself back on track, I have moved to the 18:6 cycle. Now I leave my lunch bag with my Herbalife shake in the car to prevent any temptation and pop out at 3pm to drink it. I snack on a handful of almonds in the car on my way home. The added benefit is that I am not starving when I get home. So far, so good.

Progress this week: 33%

Carbs/Sugar Consumption

I have no idea where all of these yummy, sugary treats have come from! Actually, I lie. This week I found the one type of plum that I love – Flavor King. I didn’t find any last year, so it’s been two years since I last sank my teeth into a cold, juicy, sweet plum. I bought two punnets and they are delicious! A whole lot of new goodiese have also just arrived from Hong Kong! I am doing well during the day at the office. Come home time, I cave spectacularly. Once again, not a single carb free day.

Progress this week: 0%

Water Consumption

I am doing really well on this front! My goal for the week was four glasses of water per day and I surpassed this almost every day. Winning!

Progress this week: >100%


As quickly as I lost weight last week, that’s how quickly I gained almost all of it again. I know that weight can fluctuate quite a bit, but I’m not happy at all that I allowed that to happen. Hopefully the improvement in my fasting goal will help here too.

Progress this week: None


I’ve been making my shakes religiously every day and this past week only missed drinking it once! I have really enjoyed making the shakes with fresh watermelon, fresh pineapple and fresh plums. Our summer fruits are simply delicious!

Progress this week: 83%

Overall Assessment

A mixed bag this week but I am satisfied overall.

Watermelon Herbalife shake at the office
HerbLife shake with fresh plums and almond milk
Filet steak salad

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