Healthy Living Dashboard – Week 2

When I was training for my first Comrades marathon, a distance of 95km, I attended a weekly coaching class. The question the coach asked at the start of every class was “So where are we now?”. He had coached thousands of novice road runners to run the Comrades successfully and when he passed away a couple of years ago, everyone who paid tribute to him remembered that question.

It’s been more than 20 years since I trained for that ultramarathon and this is the question that now springs to mind every morning when reviewing my progress to healthier living, which feels every bit like an ultramarathon now. So where am I now?

Take a look at my dashboard for week 2.


The goal I set for this week was to walk/run three times, the same as last week. There is no point in setting a higher goal when I failed to get off the ground with the lower one last week.

I expected this week to be better and so it has been. Working again has helped to focus my mind. I can no longer say that I will make it up tomorrow, because tomorrow may not be any better a time.

Monday is always a running rest day (from my earlier marathon training) so on Tuesday I woke up to the prospect of walking in the cold. The weather has turned and instead of waking to hot sunny mornings, we have been waking up to cloudy, cold overcast skies. But after a lot of procrastination, my daughter and I set out on a long walk!

I walked three times, all with my daughter. And one of those walks for a full hour! She complained all the way but I just ignored her.

Progress last week: 66%

Progress this week: 100%


Last year my goal was to fast seven days a week. But I missed having breakfast on Sundays with the family, so this year my goal is to fast for six days a week on the 16:8 cycle.

Working really helps me to stick to my fasting cycle. I was in the office taking on a new project on Monday and there was absolutely no problem fasting until lunch time.

This week was a better week and I was successful on 5 of the 6 days.

Progress last week: 50%

Progress this week: 83%

Carbs/Sugar Consumption

The goal is no carbs or sugar for six days a week. Because I am insulin resistant, I know that carbs are not good for me. And carbs keep my belly extended.

With Chinese New Year falling in this week, there was lots of family get togethers again. So it was impossible to dodge the bullet this week. So I still haven’t had a carb free day! But all the holidays and holiday carbs are now finished and I look forward to my belly shrinking in this coming week!

Progress last week: 17%

Progress this week: 0%

Water Consumption

My goal this past week was three glasses of water every day. I’m going to keep going with the same goal this week.

This week I managed to drink three glasses of water every day and some days even more! Rocking it!

Progress last week: 43%

Progress this week: >100%


My weekly goal will be to see a downward trend every week. The question will be – am I on track to achieve my goal of 5kg down by end March?

Progress last week: 100%

Progress this week: 200%

Herbalife Shake

The Herbalife shakes have been instrumental in my steady weight loss. So I need to get back on track and have at least one every day.

My goal this past week was to have a shake every day. Being back at the office helps with this too! I pack my shake and drink it without thinking!

I had a creamy blueberry shake on Monday and refreshing watermelon shakes on Tuesday and Wednesday. My daughter and I went out to lunch on Thursday to celebrate her acceptance at design school. Unfortunately, the shake stayed in the fridge that day. I had my Thursday watermelon shake on Friday and a fresh mango shake on Saturday.

Progress last week: 57%

Progress this week: 83%

Overall Assessment

There will be a week 3! I have improved in most areas but still need to get off the ground for the no carbs indicator.

Vietnamese spring rolls. Healthy but still white carbs!

Smoked pork neck and veg. No unhealthy carbs!

We tried a new oyster bar. We were impressed!

Pale pink roses with baby’s breath. Lovely touch at the oyster bar.
Cocktails at lunch during CNY weekend
Herbalife whizzed up with beautifully fresh mangoes
Packed Herbalife with the sweetest watermelon for lunch at the office
Pork braised with red rice and sweet fortified wine.

2 thoughts on “Healthy Living Dashboard – Week 2”

  1. Great job, Joy! I started the 16:8 fasting as well – I feel a lot better when I am eating this way, it amazes me! I was going carb free for awhile as well – I agree – I get so bloated from carbs. But I felt so tired on my runs so I added one carby thing in a day to try and help fuel my muscles. Not sure if it worked cause I am still dragging a bit on my runs – but I’m still keeping at it! Great job to you! It is good to see you doing so well with your goals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Robyn! It took me a good few weeks to run strong in a fasted state, so give it time. I still favor banana as a carb snack; learnt to eat them on the run when I trained for ultras.

      Liked by 1 person

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