Healthy Living Dashboard

It’s a new year and let’s face it, it becomes harder to live strong and healthy when you are in your sixties.

So I decided earlier this week to work on improving six health habits for this year. I also decided to track the progress that I make towards a healthier lifestyle.

The tracking method I started to use wasn’t working that well. It was daily and I was forgetting to log my progress.

So today while I was out on my walk, I decided to use the weekly blogging method! After a year of blogging about my word for the week, sitting down on Sundays to write a weekly post has become a bit of a habit. So it sounds like a good idea.

The indicators that I decided to use are:-

1. Exercise

2. Fasting

3. Carbs/sugar consumption

4. Water consumption

5. Weight

6. Herbalife Shake consumption

7. Overall self assessment

So let’s give this a trial run. I will provide an account of progress to plan as well as the reasons for achieving or not achieving the plan. Very project management way of reporting! But then that’s me 😊


The goal I set for this week was to walk/run three times.

I walked twice – once with my daughter and once alone. Light walks due to an injury I sustained to my foot.

I wasn’t able to run because a heavy steel gate came off it’s hinge and landed squarely in the middle of my foot! The foot still hurts when pressed at the site of the injury.

Have to pick up the pace next week.

Progress = 66%


Last year my goal was to fast seven days a week. But I missed having breakfast on Sundays with the family, so this year my goal is to fast for six days a week on the 16:8 cycle.

This past week was a disaster! My daughter is still in holiday and it’s been “what’s for breakfast mom?” every day. But I cannot blame her – I was weak and I only managed to fast for 16 hours three of the six days. The other days I still fasted about 14 or 15 hours but that was not the goal.

Progress = 50%

Carbs/Sugar Consumption

I’m really going to have to restart this next week!

There is still so much cake and chocolates and ice cream in the house from gifts we were given for Christmas and we have been eating our way steadily through it.

The goal is no carbs or sugar for six days a week. I managed one day. Now there’s an outright failure.

Progress = 17%

Water Consumption

I am so very bad at drinking water! My goal is to increase my consumption by a glass a day every week until I get to six glasses a day.

My goal this past week was three glasses of water every day. I think I managed that only for three days.

I can definitely do better.

Progress = 43%


I gained 2kg in December and another 1/2kg this month.

My goal this past week was to not gain another gram!

I lost 100g which is a win!

My goal going forward is to lose 5kg by the end of March.

My weekly goal will be to see a downward trend every week. The question will be – am I on track to achieve my goal of 5kg down by end March? If the answer is yes, the goal is met. No numbers needed.

Progress = 100%

Herbalife Shake

The Herbalife shakes have been instrumental in my steady weight loss. So I need to get back on track and have at least one every day.

My goal this past week was to have a shake every day.

I managed four days out of seven. I can do much better.

Progress = 57%

Overall Assessment

This wasn’t a bad start. But I still feel sluggish and I realize that it’s the carbs. I know that I will start to feel so much better when I replace all those carbs with Herbalife shakes! Just look at the four delicious shakes that I did manage to make!

Herbalife shake with fresh blueberries and almond milk
Herbalife shake with fresh mangoes and mango juice
Herbalife shake with fresh pineapple and orange juice
Herbalife shake with fresh watermelon. The most refreshing of them all!

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