Word of the Week: Play

The week has kicked off to a great start already! Family is flying in from all over the world to come celebrate two auspicious occasions with us.

My cousin is flying in from Hong Kong to celebrate her 60th birthday with us. Her sister is flying in from the UK. Her son flew in from the UK last week.

We are also celebrating my cousin’s 40th wedding anniversary. He was the first to get married. The rest of us are playing catch up.

We are celebrating both occasions with a bring and braai. Other family joining us are my nephew from the Netherlands and my niece from Texas. It promises to be a great family celebration!

Leading up to the celebration, I have a few things to do. My to do list is all play this coming week. Take a look!

1. Shop for birthday and anniversary gifts;

2. Lunch with ex-colleagues;

3. Mani and pedi;

4. Shop for secret Santa gifts;

5. Dinner with friends.

I do have a couple of other tasks, but they will be done inbetween. Besides a variety of meat for the braai, I will also be making a salad. I have no idea right now what kind of salad to make, so will be guided by what I find on the store shelves on Thursday.

This week I did my first 24 hour fast. It was easier than I thought it would be, especially since I was home with temptation everywhere! I’m not sure yet what the benefits of a 24 hour fast are. I’ve heard that autophagy (cell cleaning) kicks in after 24 hours, so perhaps I need to try a 25 hour fast next time. I will try it again and see if I can identify any benefit. I have also decided to incorporate an element of the 5:2 fasting method into my fasting cycle. So every Tuesday and Thursday, I will eat only half of my other day’s calories. I will start by making these days Herbalife only days. I’m experimenting, so will see where this takes me.

The renovation for my daughter’s cottage was completed last week. We won’t have the blinds installed until January. She hasn’t moved yet because she has been working round the clock on a video shoot for a UK pop star. She spent the entire day catching up on sleep and resting her feet. So she hasn’t seen the end result yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Until next time ☕️

Passed out on my bed. With her puppy next to her!
The kitchen has such clean lines now! Still to purchase a fridge and microwave.
The bath has been removed and a walk-in shower installed.

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