What’s for dinner?

At this time of the year, I am so tired of having to answer that question every single day.

Can’t somebody else please see to dinner just once?

Even when we order in, what shall we order, gets directed at me.

It’s summer time in South Africa. And our summers are very hot, so hot that we pass out at midday if we’re not working in an air conditioned office. Even the pool water is warm, so a swim doesn’t cool you down.

I was looking forward to summer. To lighter meals. To less cooking and more chopping. But we have somehow not made it there yet. Mainly because my husband still expects meat with his salad!

I have tried a few lighter dishes. We had some seared tuna belly on a bean salad one day. And a salad Nicoise with the leftover tuna. Both excellent light meals. But then we hit a very cold spell and boom, we were making lamb stews again.

Tonight I made a light meal. Lettuce cups in English, saang choy bow in Chinese. It’s a simple dish but still needs cooking. It’s basically stir fried minced meat (I think it’s called sausage in the US) with a few vegetables. Tonight I added chopped scallions, sliced shiitake mushrooms, diced red pepper and shimeiji mushrooms. Not traditional, but I also added some cooked rice. I think it lightened the dish somehow.

Large spoonfuls of this are scooped into large iceberg lettuce leaves then rolled up and eaten. My husband likes to add some pickled ginger to his. I thought something was missing. Next time I must remember to add some water chestnuts for crunch. Or some roasted walnuts. It was delicious all the same.

Now the question is, what’s for dinner, tomorrow night?


Until next time ☕️

Saang choy bow. A popular Chinese light meal.

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