Word of the week: Active

It was a toss up between active and activate for this week’s word. Either will do, I think, so I went with Active.

This week I want to be a whole lot more active than I have been for this past month. I realize that I have lost focus and that just watching my weight go up and down on the scale is being a bystander in my own life.

So no more by standing! Time to be an active participant and to do the things that will not only move my weight back down the scale but that will also get me to the half marathon that I want to be running in February next year.

So what are my plans? I realized that I sometimes set myself up for failure by wanting to do too much too soon. So my exercise plan is to get onto the road by 6am from Tuesday to Sunday. No set time on the road and no set distance. Just get out of bed and onto the road.

My eating plan is slightly more ambitious. I have been erratic with my fasting cycle. So for this next week I plan to change to the 18:6 fasting cycle. Just for the next week to get myself back into rhythm. The next part of the plan is to eat more fat. I have been craving carbs this past month and I realize it’s because I haven’t been eating enough fat.

My goal is to drop another 2.5kg before Christmas. So the time to get active is right now. Otherwise I will run out of time!

Things are looking good on the job front. The client that I am at has put in a request for me to stay until February or March next year. I have a second interview at my previous company next week. And my CV has been forwarded for a Project Directors role at another large company. I am always more comfortable when I have more than one option.

My daughter and I are also really excited about the renovations to my mom’s old cottage. We are making much smaller changes than I had originally planned and I think it’s going to turn out a lot better. The biggest changes are to the bathroom and kitchen. The bath is being replaced with a walk in shower. The kitchen cupboards are being downsized and I am removing the oven and hob. Both changes are opening up the space a lot which will give my daughter plenty of room for creativity. One of the biggest changes that she is making is to hang all her clothing on clothing rails instead of in cupboards. We’ll have to see how that goes!

The bathroom all stripped and waiting

The kitchen has been stripped of the old cupboards

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