Word of the Week: Grace

The word grace has been the word of the year for many people. I have been waiting for the right time to make this my word of the week. I think the time has come.

This is my second last week as an Agile coach at a client whose people I have come to really enjoy working with. I am sorry to be leaving so soon. I have done my best to teach them as much as I can. I know that there is so much more to still do. Until now, I have still pushed to get them to embrace Agile as a new way of working. This week, the pushing stops.

Last week, there was finally a breakthrough with the one team that has been the most difficult to coach. Last week Friday they have finally asked me to lead them through a backlog refinement and sprint planning. This is what happens when you don’t quit. The breakthrough comes. I am so happy that the pull came from them and I will do my best to help them to assimilate all that they have learnt these past few months but only implementing now.

I am sure now that I will exit the organization with grace. I always hope to leave a legacy and I hope that this will not be an exception.

My daughter also finally wrote her first exam. In her own words, she killed it. I have not been so happy for her in a long while. The week before she brought on a migraine by working herself up into a state of anxiety and then missed writing the exam. She really wanted to write the exam, she was ready, but as she said afterwards she allowed herself to get inside her head. I gave her OTC medication, took her to the chiropractor and rushed her to the exam venue in the hope that the migraine would miraculously disappear. But to no avail and I finally took her to the doctor, who was very kind and understanding. She now has two exams to write this week instead of one. I hope that she will cope.

But I will handle this too with grace.

Today the builders start on the renovation of my mother’s cottage. I hate having builders on site and because my daughter is studying for exams, I did not want them to start until next week. But they insisted that this was the latest that they could start and already they are late in getting here. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours choosing a new wash basin, toilet, shower heads, mixers and tiles for the bathroom revamp. I must say that I am looking forward to the outcome. It will be light and airy and open, a complete change from when my mother lived there.

I am preparing to be patient and to deal with all the chaos with grace.

This weekend I finally cooked the fresh tuna that I was lucky to pick up for a fraction of the price. The fishmongers tell me that they don’t sell the tuna belly and sometimes they have offcuts which they are unable to sell. I managed to get two meals for the family from a lovely piece of tuna belly and two packs of offcuts. I made seared tuna on a bean salad and then used the leftovers to make a salad nicoise. Utterly delicious.

Until next time ☕️

Seared tuna belly
Salad Nicoise
Pebble mosaic for the new walk in shower
The floor tiles for the bathroom. The walls will be white so the darker tile will provide a welcome contrast

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