Baking for Eli

Two years ago this time, a tiny baby was rushed very prematurely into this world. And what a cruel world he found it to be. He didn’t know what it was like to be held to his mother’s chest until he was four weeks old. His skin was too sensitive for a blanket to be laid over him and so he lay naked in the incubator. He was pricked for blood tests every day. Eventually he would cry when he sensed anyone near him. Four weeks later we buried him. We were all numb with shock.

His parents commemorated his birthday yesterday by organizing a challah bread baking evening for family and friends. My niece, the mother, works for a Jewish company and they organize Challah bread baking evenings. Challah bread is typically baked for Jewish ceremonial occasions. The challah refers to the piece of dough that is taken from the dough for the loaf. Everyone’s piece is put together, a blessing is said and then the challah is burnt. Once the dough for the loaf has risen, it is braided and baked. My niece decided that this would be a memorial evening for her baby.

None of us had ever baked bread before! It was fun and a lovely way to remember the incredibly short life of a courageous little boy.

Until next time ❤️

My dough after kneading

My dough after resting

Freshly baked bread!
I also made rolls. Two sweet and two savory.

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