Word of the Week: Excited

Oh what a week! So many things went wrong and yet just one really great evening with my aunt and her daughter visiting from London pushed all the disappointments into the background; albeit temporarily.

My aunt celebrated her 85th birthday while on holiday in South Africa. While I hope to see her again, there are no guarantees. So it was really special to spend some time with her this past week.

I also got a call for a job interview that I was hoping would come. I have been preparing for this interview like I have for no other. In preparing for this interview, I realized that I had not done enough preparation for previous similar interviews and that may explain why I did not get callbacks. But I don’t want to jinx this interview, so I’ll carry on with the prep and keep my fingers crossed that I get a callback and ultimately the job.

My daughter and I are excited for the renovation of her cottage (previously my mom’s) to start in a week’s time.

I’ve changed the design of the kitchen twice. It’s now trimmed down to the bare minimum. The kitchen will be composed of just a double sink, a short counter top to hold a microwave oven, kettle, toaster, and an induction plate for cooking, under counter cupboards and a fridge. It will be at the end of a large open plan which my daughter can use as a lounge or whatever she wants. I have a folding, free standing table that she can store to one side and open up when required.

Her bedroom is enormous and her study space will be setup in one of the corners of the bedroom. The biggest renovation is the bathroom. We are removing the bath and installing a walk-in shower. We are also changing all the sanitary ware and moving them to different places to create more space.

The idea for the renovation is to open up the space that my mother had closed down with far too much furniture.

And then the South African rugby side paraded their trophy through the streets of Johannesburg, the public turned out in droves. What a great week despite a few setbacks!

Yesterday I decided to adapt the Herbalife pancake recipe to make savory pancakes. I cooked packet of baby spinach and chopped that into the mix, along with some coconut cream to loosen the mixture. They were delicious!

So exciting times ahead! I’m really looking forward to the rest of this month!

Until next time 💃🏻

My aunt, my cousin and I
My cousin is pescatarian so our dishes included a lot of fish and veg
The SA rugby team parading through the streets of Joburg. Nice pic of Siya Kolisi, the captain, with the trophy.
I had spinach pancakes with a tomato and onion sauce for brunch
I had the leftover pancakes for dinner with some cottage cheese and a tomato and avo salsa

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