Word of the Week: Inspire

So I will be working for another month! That is such good news. There is still so much to do and I feel that I am on a roll now. And then to have a break in December and maybe January as well will be a real first for me. I have never been on leave during these months – ever. And my thoughts have turned to a vacation on the other side of the world. Let me see where those thoughts lead!

So why inspire? This short contract has been a real boost to my confidence. Although my executive was at great pains to explain that my retrenchment had nothing to do with the value I was adding and we did have negotiations to bring me back albeit in a different role, there is no doubt that my confidence was not left unscathed. The credibility that I have gained during this contract in fewer than three months has been nothing short of amazing and has inspired me to tackle work that I haven’t tried before. For example, I have put together a two day training pack to take participants from little to no knowledge of Agile to understanding what it is, the different frameworks and how to go about adopting the Agile way of work. I have also been inspired by how well executives have taken to my coaching approach and I am inspired to do more.

What I have learnt is that while I have been a great fit in the client’s organization, I doubt that I am a good fit in the consulting house that I am contracted to. I don’t have that same passion that the others have for Agile. Sure, I love working the Agile way, but I am far more flexible and happy to let the client meander along their transformation journey. The consulting house is more driven and I suspect it’s because they have performance contracts to meet. I believe that my pragmatism is what has endeared me to the client and I often feel that I am letting my consulting house down by doing so.

Our dogs haven’t been groomed throughout the winter months and I decided to try a mobile groomer instead of sending them to the groomers down the road whom I have used for more than twenty years. The two big dogs were very well behaved but the little one! He howled and barked and cried and upset all the neighbors dogs! One would have thought that he was being tortured. The groomer stopped the dryer half way and sat in the sun talking to him while trying to finish the drying process but at one stage he nipped her! And he still has incredibly sharp baby teeth. My daughter and I have bathed and brushed him several times, but he has always acted up. One of the reasons that we decided to call in the professionals! In the end, it took two of them to conclude his grooming. But just look at the end result!

Until next time ☕️

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