Word of the Week: Organized

I can’t believe how this week has simply flown by!

I arrived at the office on Monday to hear that the time slot for Heritage day celebrations had been reduced by an hour, so which activity should we drop? We’ll drop the cultural artifact activity, I say. Then I had to rethink the prizes for the remaining activities. So while most of the team prizes were baskets of sweet and savory goodies, one of the prizes was made up of personal development books!

On my way home, I stopped off at our local Chinese take away to buy a dozen bow ties as my contribution to the request for everyone to bring a plate of traditional dessert to share. They were nice and fresh so I bought a few more for an after dinner treat! As I climbed into bed on Monday night, I realized that I had forgotten to prepare the puzzles for the ‘Are you smarter than a 6 year old’ activity. So I set my alarm to remind me to do that first thing on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday morning I arrived at the office to some beautifully attired women in traditional dress. I myself looked like the mother from the movie Crazy Rich Asians, or so my daughter said! I wore a traditional Chinese jacket (mienlap) but my traditional dress (cheongsam) is still too small, so I wore a plain black dress. I also dusted off my rice pearl necklace, jade bracelet, Taiwanese coral ring and wore jade and diamond earrings. I think I looked Chinese enough! But there was no time to think as I put the final touches to the prizes, mixed up the puzzles and did a final briefing with the MCs and coordinators for the event.

The activities were an absolute hit with the teams! The first activity was a set of 20 brain teasers, a few of which were a little diabolical! The twist, which no team picked up, was that the winner would be judged according to which team accumulated the most points in the shortest time. So it would have been very possible to do one of the 20 point question in say 5 minutes and win. But teams became so absorbed in problem solving that all teams continued to the end, so it came down to which team got the most points. Just as a matter of interest, the top team had an average of 3.2 points per minute. Bonus points went to teams with the best war cry. Oh yes! In the middle of them trying to solve some hectic brain teasers, they had to stop and shout out their war cry 😭

After lunch we set the teams down to complete 100 piece puzzles – children’s puzzles – without the pictures. And of course, they had to find the pieces that didn’t fit their puzzles, find their pieces in the other puzzles and negotiate to get them back. An unexpected twist was that I had too many puzzles, so teams had to also sift through 200 puzzle pieces in a bowl. Watching teams on the floor, running from team to team, was amazing. We actually had a winner and near winner within 25 minutes. Great fun!

I was exhausted and overslept on Wednesday morning so my daughter and I walked on Thursday morning. We walked again on Sunday morning. Both days I had to practically drag my daughter out of bed. I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday training and coaching teams – both very productive days. And then all my meetings on Friday were cancelled. So I spent most of Friday enhancing my training and coaching pack which I will have to handover when my contract ends. There is now uncertainty as to whether my contract has been extended or not as the paperwork hasn’t yet surfaced at my consulting house.

I have a busy week coming up. I have three training sessions planned and another board setup. I also have to find some time to do some personal stuff, like renew my drivers license and sign transfer papers for a townhouse that we’ve bought for my mother-in-law. I think I’ll take a day’s leave either this week or next week and get everything done. I will have to be extremely organized in order to not waste time. So that’s my word for this week.

Until next time ☕️

One of the goodie baskets that went to the best dressed team
Taking a break between activities. My colleague is dressed as a Zulu maiden. She was also one of the MCs
We walked past this beautiful display of flowers. I took the pic because I would like to plant them in my garden. My daughter pointed out that they attract a lot of bees and she is moderately allergic
Having a laugh with one of my colleagues. He was dressed as a Zulu warrior and won best dressed male in traditional attire.
Showing off my tray of yummy bow ties

One of the ladies brought in these tasty morsels on a gorgeous platter

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