Word of the Week: Sparkle

I had a good week at the office this past week. People are beginning to realize how much they have learnt from me and their work is beginning to show it. I had a few days where I was so much in demand that I felt mentally exhausted by lunchtime. I feel that my word of the week for last week – Flourish – has been a good guiding word.

So this week I wanted a word that will take me beyond flourish and inspire me to shine. To inspire me to find the right words and to say the right things. And the word that came to me is Sparkle! It’s not a word that I use much. I tend more toward business speak. Well, if there is a time to sparkle, then there is no better time that I can think of than right now.

I have been working hard at reversing a little bit of weight gain from eating too much on our wedding anniversary! I also hurt my foot so I haven’t been able to walk or run. We aren’t sure if it’s the heels that I have suddenly switched to now that it’s summer or if my new running shoes are not right for my foot strike. Anyway, eating a tad too much coupled with no exercise this past week has certainly showed up on the scale. Most of it was water gain which I managed to lose quite easily but a couple of hundred grams are still stubbornly hanging around.

I’ve been having such a lot of fun wearing clothes that were too small for me for years but that I could not bring myself to give away! On Friday I wore a gorgeous light wool blazer that I haven’t worn for at least five years with my denim jeans and t-shirt. It dressed up my denims and t-shirt up beautifully and reminded me of the days when I used to wear two piece jacket and skirt suits to work. Today I wore a pair of denim shorts that has been sitting in my draw for years as well as some lingerie that were just too small and too tight! I have also finally sorted out all my lingerie, all my winter leggings and tights, and have a huge pile that will go to the orphanage. My drawers are beautifully neat now, I hope they stay that way!

What has become clear is that I probably won’t need to buy too much in the way of new clothing to begin with. At least, not for summer. I have a number of dresses, skirts and shorts that have been waiting for me to climb back into; some are a little worn but still in good condition, others are hardly worn. I would like to spend some time in those clothes! And then there are just a couple of pieces that are waiting for me to lose a few more kilograms. I feel that I will probably have to buy some new clothing come the new year and then definitely more pants for next winter.

I read an article that indicated that research has shown that the strength of your grip and the number of push ups that you can do is a better indicator of longevity than many of the well known and used numbers such as cholesterol, etc. So we did a family evaluation and I could not do even one proper push up! It was just a few years ago when I could do twenty! For the record, my daughter can do five and we stopped my husband after two minutes because he was just showing off! My goal this week is to build up to three or four proper push ups – the article says that most can get to thirty or forty with training, so long way to go. I tried again today and I can only go halfway down. My daughter suggested I do lady push ups, but I find those easy. So proper push ups they will have to be.

Until next time ☕️

Loving the beautiful scenery on my walks past the dam. Rowers have started to train now for the season which starts early January.

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