Word of the Week: Flourish

Today my husband and I celebrated 35 years of marriage. I had planned to leave the office early to come home and cook chili prawns. But I somehow lost track of time and when I next looked at the time, it was already 5pm. Too late to get through peak hour traffic and still clean and cook 25 prawns before everyone starved to death! And so I called my daughter and by 6:30pm we were seated in one of our favorite seafood restaurants, the Fishmonger in Illovo. And what a wonderful night out we had! A beautiful balmy evening, great food and excellent service as always. We all walked out with little food babies 😂

My daughter earned her first ever race medal on Sunday in the Spar Ladies Challenge, a 5 and 10km race for ladies. The 5km passes right by our house and usually we stand and watch everyone stream past but not this year. It was an easy route and lots of moms bring their kids and babies in prams so the roads get very congested and almost impossible to race. And so we took it easy, enjoyed the scenery and each other’s company and before we knew it, we were done.

Now that all contractors have been given notice by the client, news is that I may be one of the few whose contracts will be extended, but only for one more month. An extended December holiday is not such a bad idea and already I am looking forward to getting in some good training.

This week I want to lay the foundation for a memorable last few weeks with this client. I have thoroughly enjoyed the people and I will miss them. I want to do everything with a smile and I want to enjoy every interaction with everybody. I want to end my contract with a flourish and leave as much of a legacy as I possibly can. I am determined to choose Joy!

Until next time ☕️

We had oysters to start. Flown in from Mossel Bay that morning!
I cooked the prawns for dinner tonight. Can not compare with the restaurant’s prawns, but not too shabby if I say so myself!

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