Goals for the Week: How did we do?

The answer is – not great! We walked once. And although we both set out our running gear on Friday night to run the World Heart Day fun run, my daughter woke up from a nightmare at 4h30 on Saturday and I just knew that neither of us would get out of bed come 6am.

And then the weather became steadily colder and with exams around the corner, there is really no need to be foolish and to risk getting sick. We will wait for warmer weather before stepping outside at the crack of dawn, which by the way, is now at 5h45 in the mornings. So training in the mornings will become far more enjoyable quite soon.

We both accomplished goals that are long outstanding but that we did not set – so typical of both of us! My daughter has made significant progress with sorting out her wardrobe (it was such a mess!) and I have also removed clothing from my wardrobe that have become too big for me and packed them up for family to collect. Both very satisfying accomplishments.

And so to our goals for the coming week. We have our sights set on an all ladies fun run this Saturday for which we have already registered. This run is scheduled for 8am, a nice late start, so the weather should be warm enough. We are really hoping that the weather will have warmed up by Thursday so that we can take in at least one training run before then. This is the last official race that we have entered for this year. Thereafter, all our runs will be training runs.

My daughter’s big goal this week is to develop her study timetable. She has received her exam timetable and can now plan her studies. I have a few goals this week. They include teaching my helper a few new summer recipes, her repertoire is quite limited and lean more towards stews and casseroles. I also really need to reconcile my finances; I have got back into the habit of spending without really understanding where my money is going and I want to increase my water intake by a half liter.

None of these seem particularly hard goals to achieve. We will see come the end of the week!

Until next time ☕️

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