Word of the Week: Reset

I moved through this past week very tiredly and not as focused as I usually am. I spent my time at home keeping a concerned eye on my daughter and my time at the office working hard at practicing mindfulness to ensure that I didn’t ruminate about what had happened and to stop myself from thinking too much about how to prevent this from ever happening again. I didn’t sleep well most nights this past week and for the first time in many months I experienced a blinding headache that required both over the counter medication and massage. But the week ended with a day off from work on Friday and I was able to rest up, get my nails done, spend time with my daughter and cook a meal for the family.

I managed to get through the week by sticking to my routine as much as possible. Routines that consist of good habits on autopilot can be a good thing. I continued to fast until lunchtime and took extra care in the mornings to make my Herbalife lunchtime meal as appetizing as I could. I didn’t seem to have much of an appetite at night and that translated into further weight loss on the scale. I did make some bone broth to help keep my energy up though. I didn’t manage to run much but I did fit in some quiet walks and my daughter and I did our first Park run together on Saturday.

I would like to press the reset button this coming week. I feel like I need to take a few deep breaths, get some extra oxygen into my system and to not just act strong but also to feel strong. One of the first things I need to get right is to work out how to get a good night’s sleep. I think I will try the meditation app for sleeping again. And then I need to get back into the discipline of running regularly. Finally, I think I need to start focusing on goals again. Now that I’ve run the races that I set out to do a few months ago, and now that I have also hit my target weight loss goal, I feel a little rudderless. So yes, I definitely need to set a couple of new goals. Training to run a half marathon early next year has to be one of them. And perhaps I should set a date for that three day bone broth fast that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Watch this space.

Until next time ☕️

Family dinner. Chicken in tomato. Served with steamed green vegetables and tenderstem broccoli. Yum 😋
Our first Park run together. It was hot and dusty but we did it!
This really was one of the tastiest Herbalife meals! Doesn’t it look delicious 😋

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