Word of the Week: Easy

This week I’ve decided to go a little easy on myself. I’ve been driving myself hard at work, looking for more and more to keep myself busy. And all that I’ve been getting are tasks that I don’t find particularly challenging or enjoyable and that don’t talk to my strengths. And then I stress myself out because I procrastinate instead of getting the job done.

I have also been stressing because I haven’t been able to get in all the training that I need. I could feel the impact of lack of training in my race on Sunday. While the route was tougher than previous races, I felt that I lacked strength and energy and that I walked far too much. And it showed in my time. I was a good five minutes slower than in previous races.

I was also a little disappointed because my daughter was supposed to do her first 5km race with me on Sunday. But she ate some very rich pasta on Saturday for lunch which resulted in a very sore tummy by that night. And so I found myself lining up for the race on a very cold Sunday morning all by myself.

I’ve decided that I will have to start training more often. And the only way to do that is to train before work in the early mornings. It’s still very cold in the early mornings and sunrise is only at about 6h15. I need to get on the road by 6h00 to be ready for work on time. Because I run alone, I will have to wait another week or two before it will be light enough for me to train in the mornings. Hopefully it will also be a little warmer.

My lack of energy is probably not only due to insufficient training. My mother was admitted to hospital on Wednesday with hyponatremia. This condition arises when the sodium levels in your blood is too low. It can be life threatening. The only hospital that had beds in cardiac ICU is a good 20 minutes drive from where I stay and it’s been very tiring driving there and back every night. It’s also been mentally draining as one of the symptoms of hyponatremia is confusion and inability to think straight and visiting hours were spent trying to make sense of what my mother was trying to say.

On the bright side, I have been treated to a new pair of running shoes! They are a very bright turquoise Hoka. I’ve never heard of the brand before but I’m told that they are the sixth best technical running shoe in the world. I spent some time on Saturday walking in them and will wear them for training on Wednesday for the first time.

As part of my going easy on myself, I made the family a tuna salad for dinner on the weekend. It was a substantial salad, with canned tuna chunks, avocado pear, boiled eggs, cannellini beans, tomatoes, shredded carrots and baby spinach. I served it with warm panini, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It was delicious! Take a look.

Until next time ☕️

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