Word of the Week: Delight

The big question for me this past week was whether I would hit the target weight that I set myself in April.

April seems like such a long way away now. Sixteen weeks since I first consolidated my fasting, exercise and Herbalife eating program. I have completed 178 consecutive fasting days since I started in February and 115 days of Herbalife meals since April. I have also run/walked about 215km in training. I think those are impressive stats. This program has now become my way of life and I don’t feel the need to try anything else.

Yes, there were days when I didn’t quite hit my fasting target. On the other hand, there were days where I overshot my target by several hours. And there were days where I walked more than I had planned and then there were days where my feet seemed to fly across the tarmac. And yes, there were days where I ate such a filling lunch that I had no space for a Herbalife meal. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I didn’t stick to the program 100% and while this may have slowed down my progress, it is probably what has helped me to stick to the program.

  • What I have learnt is that there is more than one way to measure success. Initially, I was glued to the scale. Every morning I would either jump on the scale eagerly because I felt lighter or step onto the scale as gingerly as possible in an attempt to stop the dial from moving! As you probably know, weight fluctuates, so there would always be days where I gained a kilogram instead of losing that 200g that I was hoping for. And then a few days later, boom! The scale would show a bigger loss than I was expecting.
  • So I started to take photos. Selfies, because I was too embarrassed to even ask my daughter. I took my first photo on 21 April. It was like a punch to the stomach. How? How did I get THAT? I am of course talking about my very distended belly. I used to jokingly say that I looked pregnant. But now I realize that I was being insulting about pregnant women. Pregnant women have beautiful bellies. Mine was disgusting to look at. I nearly deleted that photo, but I’m glad that I kept it. I have taken a few more and the comparison to that very first pic gives me the motivation to keep going.
  • And of course there is the little matter of clothing size. It was indiscernible at first. But gradually my pants started to feel looser. And then I started to use the next belt notch. Now I have pants that I lived in last year that are even too big for gardening so I will have to give them away. I am discovering clothing at the back of my cupboard that I had forgotten about. As my daughter says, it’s like I have a new wardrobe. And I’m at the point where I need to buy new belts.
  • So did I hit my target? Almost! I am 500g short of my target. That’s the size of a brick of butter. I have lost almost half of the weight that I have targeted overall. And let’s give me some credit – I did all of this during the South African winter months! I have great expectations of hitting my overall target before the December holidays.

    I have every reason to be delighted at my progress. And I want to carry that delight into the coming week. We don’t pat ourselves on the back enough. I want to hold onto this delightful feeling and allow it to touch everything that I do in the coming week.

    Here’s to a delightful week! Until next time ☕️

    My Herbalife shake container is the perfect size to show off how loose my pants have become 😆

    Delighted to have finished another 10km race. Dare I say that it’s getting easier?

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