Word of the Week: Discipline

Yes! I had a birthday this week! And with birthdays there are always birthday treats. My daughter bought the beautiful orchid and wine decanter that you can see in the picture and my husband insisted that we dine out for dinner. This whole week I was eating cake, dining out and generally consuming food and drinks that I wouldn’t normally eat and drink.

  • At the office, I bought a dozen cupcakes, a half dozen apricot slices and a half dozen brownies – for 6 people. Some weren’t shy to take a couple home for after dinner treats! I brought two apricot slices and a brownie home and because nobody wanted to eat the apricot slices, I ate both! Delicious they were too.
  • Then the next night my husband treated us to a Korean barbecue dinner. It was a great night out even though I was a little disappointed by the fare. I have had Korean barbecue in London and it was so much nicer there. Nonetheless, it was a treat to try the various dishes and the shaved ice with condensed milk, matcha ice cream and red beans was the highlight of the night.
  • And I watched a little nervously as my weight on the scale crept upwards. But I resolved to celebrate freely and to cast worry aside for a little while. I was able to continue fasting although there were two days when I cut the time short by two hours. Although I didn’t stick to my usual 16 hour fasts, there are still some benefits to fasting for 14 hours.
  • This weekend I returned to normal and ate a little more carefully. I made a large prawn salad and was just a little surprised when the whole thing was wolfed down by my family. I have also discovered a new Herbalife shake flavor that smells and tastes like strawberry milkshake. Summer Berries! It’s my new favorite. And I love it with a half glass of almond milk, a half glass of water and topped up with lots of ice. I cannot describe how delicious it is. You will have to try it for yourself.
  • I didn’t have a good run on Wednesday and I skipped my run on Saturday. So today I was out on the road early and ran an 8km, only the second so far. Although it didn’t feel like I had run well, my time was the same as last week Wednesday, so at least I am running consistently. Next week Sunday I will be running another 10km race and this time I am looking forward to it.
  • This coming week I will have to be more disciplined. I will have to train on Wednesday and Saturday, otherwise I will struggle with the 10km on Sunday. Sunday is also my weigh in and photo day to mark 16 weeks of my Herbalife and running program. My goal is to drop another 500g by next Sunday. This week I will have to go back to my normal eating plan if I wish to achieve that. It’s certainly doable, it just needs discipline.

    Until next time ☕️

    Cooking on the Korean barbecue grill
    Large prawn salad with plenty of prawns
    My new favorite Herbalife shake flavor – Summer Berries

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