Word of the Week: Flow

I. Am. Exhausted. I am saying this very slowly and tiredly. I feel drained. I was never so happy to see a Friday roll around as I was to see this past Friday.

I guess I will get used to waking up before 6am and only getting home past 6pm eventually. That’s a very long day for me these days. The drive to my new offices is also a much longer commute than to my previous offices, 45 minutes instead of 15 minutes, and the entire commute is through the suburbs, with a lot of stop start, whereas my previous commute was mostly highway.

The really nice thing about my new job is that I can switch off when I get home and on weekends, which I was not able to do in my previous job. There is no reason to haul out the laptop or to check my emails after hours. Long may this last! The technical part of my role is actually not that difficult. The change management aspect of my role is mentally challenging and is what is keeping me on my toes.

The other great thing about this job is the offices. The building is relatively new. There is plenty of natural light, lots of space and the carpets and furniture are still clean. The canteen looks amazing, if a little sterile. Big seating area in a massive atrium. I haven’t had a chance to eat there yet, but I would like to, soon. There is also a little coffee shop, more intimate, with cake and pastries. There is plenty of undercover parking. And there is a supply of good tea, proper coffee, hot chocolate and fresh milk all day, every day. For free.

With an early start and late finish, I have struggled to keep to my training schedule. So this past week I negotiated an early afternoon off every Wednesday so that I can fit in a midweek training run. My run on Wednesday was not so much a run at first. I walked the entire way up the road and only started running when I turned around. I walked/ran for more than 70 minutes and was really happy that I was able to stick it out.

I battled to get going with my run on Saturday. I felt tired and sluggish, and I was just a little surprised when I saw the time, it was better than it felt! I had intended to run my usual route twice on Sunday. But I made an unplanned trip to see my mother and I was left with only enough time to run the route once before sunset. So change of plan. I will run the route twice on Wednesday instead and rest until Sunday. I’m hoping that it will be enough to get me to the 10km finish line come Sunday.

On a different note, we have been enjoying our open fireplace once again. We haven’t used our fireplace for the last three years. One of the tiles had cracked and we only fixed it earlier this year. We also had the chimney cleaned and a chimney cover installed. We bought a truckload of wood and excitedly lit a fire one cold day in May. What a disaster. Smoke poured into the house! Of course, the wood supplier blamed the chimney sweep and vice versa. I bought different wood, got the chimney sweep back in and was told that we had to build the fire in the back right hand corner of the grate. It seemed to work but I was not happy with their solution. As a last resort, we had the chimney cover removed last month. Success! Turns out that the cover had been placed too close to the chimney opening which prevented a strong updraft.

So to my word of the week. Next week is the start of my third week at work. I’m kicking off a number of Agile coaching programs with different areas in the business and the outcomes will depend upon the success of my coaching. I’m a little nervous and the best advice I can give myself is to not second guess myself and to go with the flow.

Until next time ☕️

Herbalife Aloe. My drink of choice after a hard run.

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