Word of the Week: Persist

One whole week of work done! Day one was tough! I arrived at the office and was immediately drawn into an all day workshop. To observe. To listen. A lot didn’t make sense. We grabbed lunch for half an hour at 3pm and then it was back into the workshop. It was a very long day. I rediscovered the benefits of coffee. I’m surprised that I didn’t fall asleep.

Day two. Another workshop in the afternoon. How would you like to participate, I was asked. Would you like to facilitate? But only if you are ready. Sure, I replied, with a bit of a racing heart. Did I know enough to facilitate? There wasn’t enough time to dwell on that thought. It did feel like I was being tested, it felt like it was a sink or swim situation and I was very pleased to find that I was swimming!

The rest of the week was very much the same. Lots of workshops, little time to breathe or to have lunch! Some days I only managed to snatch a ten minute lunch break. Friday was a lot more relaxed. I was very pleased when Friday rolled around. I was exhausted. Not mentally, I was really happy to see that I hadn’t lost my touch. But I was physically tired. The early mornings and too much coffee with no exercise was showing. I hope that I adjust to the pace of the work soon.

One of the ways that I will be adjusting my schedule from next week will be to leave the office early on Wednesdays so that I can take in at least one midweek training run. I ran my usual route on Saturday and I have slowed down considerably. Today I ran for an hour. Well, I walked quite a lot, but I did a kilometer of hills and my quads protested for much of it! I’m not sure how long the route is, but for now it is more important to train my body to stay strong for a longer time on the road to prepare for the 10km race in two weeks time.

What has worked well is the lunch that I pack for the office. I mix Herbalife with yoghurt and almond milk until it has a smooth, pudding like consistency. I also pack a few berries, nuts and lemon juice in tiny jars. There are strict rules at the office and eating at your desk is not allowed. So it has been easy to continue with my intermittent fasting routine. I have my first cup of coffee shortly after arriving at the office. I fill my water bottle at the same time and drink water whenever I find myself at my desk. At lunchtime I take my lunch bag to the pause area and sit down to eat. I refill my coffee cup on my way back to my desk. I continued to lose weight last week. And I am confident that I will reach my milestone weight that I set for mid August.

Besides the running, I’ve had a busy weekend. We woke up to a freezing cold Saturday morning. I had volunteered to make salad for the retirement home down the road for their Christmas in July lunch. For sixty people! So my daughter and I were up bright and early cutting tomatoes, slicing cucumber and chopping celery. The base of the salad was iceberg lettuce and baby spinach. At the last minute I rushed to the shops to buy apples to add crunch. And defrosted corn added some extra color and sweetness. A final sprinkling of croutons after tossing the salad with the dressing added a special finish to the dish.

It was so cold and I guess that making salad so early in the morning made us feel even colder. So I made a snap decision to make a pot of vegetable soup for dinner! Because I add lentils, barley and split peas to my soup, the soup needs to simmer for about two to three hours for everything to cook really soft. And because today was a little warmer, I made a colorful summer salad and served it with homemade pizza. I guess I must have enjoyed cooking for the family during my time at home 😊

This week I have selected ‘persist’ for my word of the week. This is to remind me to keep going, on all fronts. I need to continue to meet the new challenges at the office, I need to be more diligent at getting out of bed on time, I need to keep to my weight loss plan and of course I need to implement my revised training plan.

Until next time ☕️

My Herbalife lunch for the office with berries, granola and lemon juice

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