Word of the Week: Calm

After more than six months of being unemployed, I start working again on Monday!

I’m not sure how I feel. I’m ready, but I feel a little removed from the situation. It’s almost as if I’m in limbo. It’s a long time since I have had to walk into a new organization where I know nobody and nobody knows me. I think I’m a little afraid.

  • It’s been a bit of a whirlwind. Within three days I had three interviews, a job offer with a start date on Monday. And because I was in the middle of all sorts of personal things, I’ve exhausted myself to get things on the home front done by this weekend.
  • So this past week I’ve had three lunches which have not been great for my weight loss program. And I paid a final visit to my old team. It was like going home; so many hugs and smiles and good wishes. I have also installed an inverter as a power backup. And because the inverter was installed in my pantry, I had to remove and repack everything in my pantry. This was a good thing. I’ve thrown out two boxes of unused items, mostly plastics and a few old appliances. It has been two of the most tiring days this year so far!
  • The downside of all this activity is that I haven’t run this week at all. And I’m stressing about being able to run a 10km race on 10 August now. I’ll be working in a very busy location which is known for traffic jams every night so getting home before 6pm will be a miracle. I have cancelled my 6pm yoga class on Tuesdays and running after work is out of the question. So I have started to consider if I would be able to run in the mornings. However, this morning’s temperature was 1 degree Celsius…
  • My plan for tomorrow is to stay calm, listen, ask questions and observe. I know that the organization is expecting me to hit the ground running. But as a coach, I want to get to know the team and understand the team dynamics and operations as much as possible. I hope that I will be afforded the opportunity to do some things my way.
  • I am really grateful for the confidence that the organization has shown in me. I did have four interviews before being presented with a contract and I am grateful that I was able to represent myself in a good way. But the most important meeting will be with the team as I will be spending most of my time with them. I hope that they will like me. It will just make everything so much easier.
  • Until next time ☕️
  • So proud of how organized my shelves look!
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