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Word of the Week: Hooray!

What a great week I have had! I received two job offers, I ran a 5km race and I have dropped a dress size!

Let’s start with the job offers first. I had been in negotiations for the first role for more than two weeks. The executive really wanted me to join his team but his budget couldn’t accommodate me. After considering various options, I was offered a 27 hour week, which I accepted verbally. On Friday, I went in to meet the team and to do a handover with the outgoing incumbent.

The second role is the better role. But the organization has a five step recruitment process which they made me aware of upfront. When I received the job offer from the first organization, I was on step 3 of the process. I didn’t think that we would get through to the end of the process for an offer to be made still in this year. So I called to advise that I was accepting another offer in the meantime and could they keep my CV on their files. Long story short, they made me a verbal offer and accelerated steps 4 & 5.

I didn’t get any further offers, but two other organizations advised that they definitely wanted to work with me in the future. Both organizations have great reputations and I am happy to have them on board for the future. So I have my CV on file with both of them. For someone of my advanced age, this is a very encouraging turn of events. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the kindness that I have been shown by all of these organizations.

So after 6 months of being unemployed, I am sorted for the remainder of the year. It will be different, I am used to being in charge. I will have to work hard at being a team member while still coaching the team to improve. It’s a challenge that I am looking forward to taking on.

As some of you may know, I have set myself a goal of running a few 10km races in August and September. I will have to adjust my training plan now that I will be going back to work. To test if I am on track or not, I ran a 5km race this morning. It was more of a fun run for most people, but for me it really was a test of my strength, fitness and resolve.

Luckily the race was just a ten minute drive from my house. I managed to get a parking spot close to the start so I didn’t have to tire myself out before the race started! It is cold. Only 3.5 degrees Celsius and I remain in the car to stay warm until about 15 minutes before the starting time. When I eventually venture out the car, I squeeze my way into the middle of the crowd to benefit from the shelter of other warm bodies.

The route has a gentle start and I get overtaken quickly by lots of runners and even some walkers. I remind myself that I have to take it slow, I haven’t gone beyond 4km in training. But I find myself getting swept along by the crowd and the first time that I walk is at about 800m. I settle into my pole running rhythm and after 2km there is a longish decline and I run the whole way which takes us to half way. The finish line was a welcome sight and before I knew it, my run was over.

For those of you who may remember, I fast until about lunch time every day. So I did this run in a fasted state. So how did I feel? To be honest, I felt fine. I took in just a few sips of water at halfway, but otherwise I had more than enough energy for the run. I think I could have soldiered on for at least another kilometer. Am I ready for a 10km in August? Maybe. Just maybe.

I am happy to report that there has been a steady downward trend on my scale for a few weeks now. My weight has dropped steadily and I am on the very last notch of all my belts. What I have watched with nothing short of delight is the slow but steady reduction in the rolls of fat on my upper body. One roll of fat has completely disappeared leaving only a stretch mark. The other has almost disappeared too. I have dropped a dress size and have no doubt now that I will drop another dress size in about 4 – 6 weeks.

When I go back to work, I will continue the eating pattern that I have followed these past few months. I will fast until lunchtime and then break my fast with a pre-prepared Herbalife yoghurt shake. I will have to see how it goes for the first few days, but I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work.

Which brings me to quite a big dilemma. I start work on 22 July. Most of my work wear is now a size too big. I don’t want to buy anything now really because I am positive that I will be much smaller come Summer. I bought a rather pricey pair of pants, because it was a perfect fit and didn’t need the hems taken in, which I wore to all my interviews in these past two months. I’m thinking perhaps just one more pair of pants in my current size. I will have to shop carefully.

Until next time ☕️

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