Word of the Week: Consolidate

I didn’t do as much resting as I would have liked this past week. In fact, I seemed to be even busier than the previous week, if that is possible.

Here’s how my week went down.

I had three interviews! Amazing! So none of them have turned into job offers yet, but they were interviews for top quality roles and I was glad to have had the opportunity to pitch for them.

And just when you think that everything is going swimmingly, a curved ball hits. My daughter woke up with a massive headache on the morning of her second exam. I rushed her off to the doctor for an injection hoping that she would still be able to write the exam, but the doctor recommended that she apply to defer her exam as an injection would not reduce the headache enough by the time the exam started.

After discussion with the doctor about how to prevent further headaches, we decided to get a check up with the chiropractor. He confirmed that my daughter’s neck and shoulder muscles were so tight that they were very possibly the cause of the headache. I had the opportunity to say “I told you so” as I had been saying for months that she needed to see the chiro regularly.

The next day was my husband’s birthday and at the spur of the moment I decided to braai (barbecue) instead of grill the lamb chops that I had set aside for dinner. Lamb chops is his favorite eat and even better on the braai. Now I don’t usually braai, in South Africa it’s something that the men do! But because my husband is blind, I take up the braai tongs every now and then. I have braai’ed two or three times before with varying degrees of success. I started the fire early but by the time I started to braai the sun had gone down and I had to braai in the dark! Despite spending the night peering at the meat in the dark, most of the meat was braai’ed to perfection and we had a great meal.

I have also increased the intensity of my training. This is actually quite a difficult thing to do in winter. It’s becoming colder by the day and I have taken to dressing in my running gear when I get up in the mornings even if I only plan to run in the afternoon! To spur myself on, I have registered for four road running races. The first is a 10km race on 11 August, the second is another 10km on 25 August. I have roped my daughter into running her first 5km with me on 1 September. The last race that I registered for is another 10km on 15 September.

Today we went to do a deep clean of my mother’s new cottage and hung curtains in the bedroom and the living room. What we noticed was that both rooms were warm and sunny for most of the day. This makes the rooms feel warm and inviting even though they are empty. I also did an inspection and have created a snag list with photos. After a lot of measurement and planning, we managed to finalize the inventory for the furniture removals as well as the move date.

With some careful planning, my mother will be able to fit a double bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a linen kist and a sewing machine into her bedroom. We are using a low cupboard to divide the kitchen from the living room. This will also make the living room feel a little cozier. She is taking a small refrigerator, a tall cupboard and a small table and chairs for the kitchen area. I was quite surprised to see that she will also fit in her two seater lounge suite, two additional armchairs, another chest of drawers and a coffee table in the lounge.

This week will be a week of consolidation. My daughter writes her deferred exam on Tuesday and will be done with exams for this semester. I have a second interview on Wednesday for one of the roles that I interviewed for in this week. I will also get finality on the role that I did a second interview for this past week. We are taking the puppy for his next set of vaccinations. And I will be buying a new mattress for my mother. It feels like a lot will be coming to an end this week. Good endings encourage great new beginnings. I am hoping that one of those will be a job offer for a role that will make me happy.

Until next time ☕️

My mother’s new bedroom
My mother’s new living room
The tiny outside area looking onto the bedroom. Although tiny, it can fit a small outside table and a couple of chairs. The open door leads from the living room.

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