Word of the Week: Rest

This past week has been tiring. I’ve been spending a lot of time finalizing my mother’s move to her new cottage in a retirement village. There is so much to do; she has to decide what she wants to take, measure for curtains, pack up and place ads for the furniture that she wants to sell. I have obtained quotes from removals companies and will have to select one this week.

This move has taken more of an emotional toll than I thought it would. I never get sick, with the exception of gastro or a bad bout of sinusitis maybe once a year. But this past week my muscles have ached for no reason, my IBS is playing up and I haven’t slept well. My husband, who is a reflexologist, says I am stressed and that I need to rest up. With my IBS, I have also found that my system seems to recover faster on a Herbalife meals only day. So I will schedule one of those in this week.

So I have pencilled in ‘rest’ days this week, starting with today. Today and Wednesday will be my rest days. Today because it is a public holiday in South Africa and Wednesday because it is my husband’s birthday and my daughter has decided that we will treat him to lunch. I was going to fire up a braai (South African barbecue) and braai a few lamb chops which is his favorite braai meat, but eating out sounds much better!

The remainder of my week is already set in concrete. My daughter writes her second exam on Tuesday and I will be on fetching and carrying duty. I have a second interview on Thursday for the role that I really, really want. And my daughter writes her final exam on Friday afternoon. Sometime this week, I have to fit in a telephonic interview for a role that I applied for about a month ago that I had forgotten about.

I also need to collect the keys to my mother’s cottage as she has arranged to clean it on Saturday, take her to the orthodontist to fix a broken tooth and take her to buy a new mattress for her bed. Thank goodness the mattress can be delivered directly to the retirement home as it’s already proving difficult to finalize the inventory list for the removals company with my mother changing her mind almost daily about what she wants to take with her.

We all heaved a collective sigh of relief when my daughter walked out of her first exam on Friday. It went well! Such a big difference from last year when she suffered a massive panic attack in the car on the drive to the same exam. This year the family around the world sent up prayers for her, and there is no doubt that it helped. I baked scones as a surprise treat for after the exams. Right now I’m thinking if I should make a surprise treat for tomorrow’s exam?

Until next time ☕️

Herbalife with melted cheese. Tastes a bit like cheesy pap (South African maize which is similar in texture to polenta)

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