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Word of the Week: Persevere

Although I was expecting to have a very quiet week, I found quite a bit to do. I spent time training my gorgeous German Shepherd and he is making great progress. He is a working dog and he is finally getting the attention that he needs. He performs beautifully in the confines of our house, but becomes almost uncontrollable once we step through the gate. I have a trainer take him on the road until he is calm enough for me to handle. I’m determined to train him to the point where he can go for a run with me. So I will just have to persevere.

I’ve spent a lot of time cooking. Cooking is not my forte. I don’t have a knack for mixing things up and tend to do best when following recipes, so Google has been very useful. I’m cooking more now because my daughter is on study leave and she wants to have a good lunch and and a good dinner.

So this week I’ve made a chicken and greens stir fry and served it with rice; I made a monster 3-cheese and bacon Mac ‘n Cheese; I’ve also made Parmesan crusted chicken breasts and served it with garlicky kale and salad and finally I’ve made Chilli and served it with sour cream, grated cheese and avocado and coriander. I didn’t put a foot wrong ☺️

Below is the monster Mac ‘n Cheese and the Chilli with trimmings.

The hardest thing that I have had to contend with is to stop myself from eating too much of all this delicious food that I’m making! But I am determined to do well with my weightloss program, so I have persevered with making my Herbalife meals as appetizing as I can. One of the nicest Herbalife meals that I made this week was a Herbalife strawberry fool with lots of lime juice. It was light, fluffy and just a little tart. Delicious! Take a look.

I spent some time preparing for next week’s coaching sessions. For one of my client’s, we are reaching what I call the turning point in the coaching program; the changing of core beliefs into empowering beliefs. This is the part of a program that I enjoy the most because this is where the penny tends to drop and the coachee experiences significant shift.

I have also upped my exercise program. I’ve set a goal to run a 10km race in July, so I’ve increased my training time and added more running to my program. I live in a very hilly area, but because I’m more interested right now in increasing my running time, I’ve decided to just run up and down our street. Our street has only a slight incline/decline, so I don’t have to contend with hills right now.

And of course, I am still puppy sitting our toy Pom! Koji has brought such joy into our home; he bounces around, wants to play all the time when he is not sleeping, and boy is he a lot of work! He still wakes me up at the crack of dawn and that’s not such a nice thing in winter! But we forgive him for absolutely everything, and I mean everything!

Here he is. Or is that a hedgehog? Can you tell that he’s a dog?

Until next time ☕️

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