Bittersweet Ending

Isn’t it a shame that some things have to come to an end?

I held the final Power Program session with the group on Thursday. It also marks the end of the regular visits to the organization that said goodbye to me at the end of December. It was bittersweet.

I started out with a group of 16. I was surprised that so many turned up for the first session and I knew that some would drop out. So instead of running just one session a day, I scheduled two. But 18 turned up for the second session and I had to introduce a third session. But by the fourth session, the numbers dwindled again and I went back to two sessions once a week.

There was a core of 7 who turned up for almost every session and 4 or 5 who turned up as often as they could. Halfway through another person joined. So I had a regular turnout of about 10 – 11 people. I think this was great retention given that some of them have very hectic schedules.

The final power tool was the Power of Owning Your Journey. The session covered the value of a roadmap, the regrets of the elderly, identifying goals and values and developing a life plan.

Here is the group that made it to the final session on Thursday. It was an amazing turnout given that one of the managers was running a crisis session for the whole day on Thursday. I also had two apologies due to ill health.

Many of this group are future leaders of the area that I managed. I am grateful that they made the time to make themselves a priority. I am confident that the learnings that they took away from the coaching will give them the confidence to step up and become the leaders that the organization needs. And that they will go on to become great leaders wherever they go.

Until next time ☕️

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