Word for the Week: Hope

It’s my daughter’s 22nd birthday tomorrow. She started celebrating on Thursday with close friends treating her to dinner etc.

Luckily the cold and the rain that descended upon us every day earlier in the week has cleared up, so today she went ahead and had a picnic in the botanical gardens rose garden just around the corner from our home with about 15 of her friends.

I packed a huge tray of savory finger foods, chicken wings, mini pies, meatballs, kebabs, cocktail sausages, and a smaller tray of sweets; little cupcakes, doughnuts and Easter eggs. She also packed some potato crisps, grapes, cheese and drinks. They ate it all!

I hope she took some photos!

They are now at a karaoke bar and I hope that she doesn’t come home too late. All these late nights in a row is tiring me out.

She has invited a few close friends to dinner tomorrow night. She has chosen a restaurant that I haven’t been to before so I have no idea what to expect. I’m debating if I should take a cake and candles with us or if I can rely on the restaurant to come up with something.

This year she asked for a puppy for her birthday; she misses the patter of little feet in the house. I have been very tempted to buy a teacup Pomeranian; she is black with a white tuft on her chest. And the most soulful eyes I have ever seen. But my daughter writes exams in a month’s time and I don’t think that the timing is right to bring a teeny tiny baby into the house.

So I called the breeder that we bought Pip (Nicole’s first toy Pom) from in 2005! And how wonderful, she’s expecting some puppies next week and more puppies in two weeks time. That means that the first litter will be ready for adoption towards the end of June and the second litter will be ready about mid July.

The timing of the first litter is perfect, but they will be cream and white and Nicole isn’t sure that she wants a cream or white pup. The second litter will be orange like Pip, so we’re thinking that we will wait for those. I hope that there will be a female in the litter as we don’t think that we should get another male dog.

In the meantime, I bought her a gift that she will see by her bedside when she comes home. Buried beneath a knitted beret and some over the knee socks is a pair of Apple AirPods. I think she will be pleased.

So my word for the week is hope. My heart overflows with love for this daughter of mine. I have spent my life protecting her and I have come to realize that perhaps I have done her a disservice. And that’s why this year I have spent more time coaching than doing for her and I hope that it will pay off.

I often think about how I would like her to be. My hopes and dreams for her are complex but few.

I hope that she will always be safe and that she will learn to trust her instincts.

I hope that she will learn to love herself enough so that others opinions won’t be able to hurt her.

I hope that she will believe that she can do anything, that she will stop second guessing herself, and that she will learn that failure is sometimes unavoidable because nobody is perfect.

I hope that she will recognize the endless possibilities that will no doubt come her way and that she will grab some of them with both hands.

I hope that she will choose her friends wisely and come to realize that some people are just not worth her time and effort.

I hope that she will continue to take responsibility for the decisions that she makes and that when she makes mistakes that she will do her utmost to make it right.

Finally, I wish that she will always be happy. It is a wish that my father had for me and I have never forgotten that.

All of the above will hopefully result in a happy, strong, empathetic, courageous and independent young woman.

Until next time ☕️

My daughter won’t be expecting a gift, so this will definitely come as a surprise!

2 thoughts on “Word for the Week: Hope”

  1. I hope she has a wonderful birthday! All of the time with friends and you – the food you sent sounds delicious too! And such thoughtful gifts! I love your hopes as well and choose those for my kids too! Happy birthday to your daughter!

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    1. Thank you Robyn. There are times when I feel completely hopeless but I realize that if Nicole doesn’t carve her own path now then it will just become that much harder!

      Liked by 1 person

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