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Word of the Week: Enthusiastic

We had lunch on Easter Sunday at our place. It was our usual bring a dish and because the weather forecast was cold and rain we all prepared comfort food for lunch.

I made my famous beef and vegetable soup, cooked a gammon that’s been in my freezer for 3 months, one cousin made coq au vin and another cousin made a chicken cooked in a ginger and garlic broth.

And then the weather started to warm up the day before. And I panicked just a little that nobody would want soup and that gammon and chicken wouldn’t be enough. So I quickly added some poached salmon with green beans and mange tout to the menu.

As usual, we had too much food! Because both cousins cooked two chickens each, and the one also brought a dish of pumpkin. And I had also made a beetroot and feta salad to accompany the gammon.

We woke up on Sunday and the skies were blue. My daughter said that there was no way that it would rain. So against my better judgement we set out the tables on my patio and rolled the blinds up. The pool looked beautiful and clear.

As usual, we had some latecomers and lunch started late. As we started, the clouds began to roll in. We had just finished lunch and were settling in with some lively conversation (as we do when we get together) when the rain came. It poured and we had to close the blinds to keep the patio dry.

We had planned an Easter egg hunt for my nephew’s daughter and we still needed to hide the eggs. But now it was pouring with rain. So my daughter had to become creative and find 10 hiding places on my patio. She hid one beneath the cushion on my hammock chair – and told everyone to not sit there. Of course, someone had to forget and we had a good laugh at the squashed egg!

Well little Lael had a wonderful time hunting for the eggs. And she had plenty of helpers who willingly gave her clues! We had another good laugh when she discovered the squashed egg. Her laughter at finding it was infectious.

The one thing that we did get right was the dessert. Maybe only because my cousin’s cheesecake didn’t set. But we only had fruit salad and plenty of toasted hot cross buns with tea. Eventually we had to move inside because it became way to cold to continue to sit out on the patio.

Poached salmon on the left and poached trout on the right

After everyone left, I made a hot cup of tea and relaxed. I nearly didn’t complete my bedtime routine, I was that cold and tired. And yes, I did forget about posting my word for the week.

My word for the week is enthusiastic. With the colder weather, I’m finding it more and more difficult to get out there and do things. I’m afraid that I could easily become a couch potato! And so I’ve resolved to be over the top enthusiastic about everything this week. I will be tested tomorrow night. The weather forecast is cold with rain. And we have yoga at 6pm. Brr…

Until next time ☕️

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