Word of the Week: Relax

My word of the week for last week helped me to stay strong so that I could be fabulous at a colleagues wedding yesterday!

And I did feel fabulous indeed. I tottered around on some really high heels and was able to wear a fitted black and gold dress that I had only worn once before some 5 years ago. And I danced the twist in those heels! Oh my gosh! Not too shabby at all. But I had to kick the heels off at some point during the night!

The wedding was lovely. The service was sweet, the bride was stunning and the venue was beautiful. This is the third time round for both of them and the theme of the speeches was third time lucky! Both the bride and groom worked closely with me last year and although I don’t usually socialize with colleagues, I made an exception this time. I have also coached and mentored the groom for about three years, and I am happy to see him so happy.

And so to my word of the week. I have decided that with the Easter weekend coming up, I will take this week off to relax. The family will be joining us for lunch on Easter Sunday, but it will be a low key affair. The weather has also turned very suddenly. We went from a heatwave earlier in April , to cold and grey mornings, frequent thunderstorms, and cold dark nights. I feel a little lazy and tired and my thoughts have turned to slow cooking and to nice hot soup! We will have to see.

As always, if my word of the week resonates with you, please feel free to adopt it and let me know how it worked for you.

Until next time ☕️

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