The Power Program – Progress

The second session of the Power Program finally got underway last week! And only 9 of the 20 participants could attend. But I had resolved to make the most of it no matter how many turned up. And to be honest, there was more room for discussion due to the smaller numbers.

The theme for the session was The Power of Narrative. We discussed how humans are natural story tellers and how we tell different stories to different people as well as to ourselves.

We spent a lot of time on the stories that we tell ourselves and how true those stories are. This led us to discussing the use of metaphors to help change our current story. Everyone is to embrace their new metaphors from next week.

Some of the examples of the metaphors that they came up with are:

1. A college professor whose body language gives away the irritation he feels when students ask stupid questions.

2. A typist whose words become a bottleneck due to the outdated equipment she’s using.

3. A lap dog that wags his tail at whatever is said about him.

I used to struggle with coming up with workable metaphors for coachees in the past, but I’ve found that they just pop into my head these days. Would it be arrogance to say that I felt really proud of myself?

We also spent time on feedback from the previous week. The previous week’s theme was The Power of the Brain and everyone was to practice whole brain thinking. I was expecting most to say that it was hard and so it was. Using your whole brain when your dominant thinking preference is either left or right is hard work, but all it takes is lots of practice.

The participants asked lots of questions and I really enjoy being made to think! I’m looking forward to next week when we tackle the Power of Prioritization.

Until next time ☕️

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