Rejoining the family business

Today I decided to rejoin the family business! My daughter says that everyone makes fun of Herbalife on social media, but I have a thick skin and really don’t mind. And to be honest, my family in the business are so very enthusiastic that it’s sometimes too much for me too. So please feel free 😊

I will start from the beginning again by just using the products properly to build up my story before I start promoting the products. Hopefully the products will promote themselves as before. I’m not a salesperson at all, so I really do need to have a compelling story that will do the selling for me. But of course, Herbalife is not about selling the products really, it’s about convincing others to embrace a new lifestyle and the best way to do that is to be the best role model that you can be.

So why ‘rejoin’? Well, many of you will know that I was retrenched at the end of last year. I am used to being so busy that I needed to set reminders on my mobile otherwise I would not even notice that the sun had gone down. It is why I usually worked much longer hours in summer than in winter. Up until just last week, I busied myself with developing the group coaching program. Now that it’s done, I am becoming frustrated with nothing much to do. And that is why I’ve decided to try Herbalife again. After all, this is something that I did successfully once and I haven’t forgotten the process.

About 18 years ago, I had gained an incredible amount of weight. I used to run ultramarathons but I stopped when my daughter arrived. The exhaustion coupled with a highly stressful job led to complete inactivity, lack of sleep and very bad eating habits. I had two family members who were rising up the ranks in Herbalife and they persuaded me to try the products to lose weight. I was very successful on the products, lost a lot of weight and even started running again.

But life threw me a bucketful of lemons and I suffered multiple deaths in my family. I started to experience panic attacks; while out shopping, at the office and even while driving. I stopped running again and also stopped taking the products. And while I got my mental health back together again, I was never able to shake the weight gain and I was also not successful at running for longer than 10 to 20 minutes.

I think the timing today was just right. My cousin came to visit and he looked at me and said ‘you should really think about getting back into the business’. He always reminds me about how good I looked the day I took the stage at a Herbalife event to tell the crowd my story. Usually I would just brush him off but today I thought ‘why not’. So I ordered some new shake flavors and I made myself a cup of the Herbalife tea.

I’ve decided that I will continue with the 16:8 intermittent fasting and start with one shake a day. What have I got to lose, except maybe a few kilograms!

Until next time ☕️

My before pic 😱

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