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Baking with my daughter

I’m not a baker mom! I had dragged my daughter into the kitchen to bake a banana loaf so that I didn’t have to freeze all the overripe bananas.

But banana bread is so easy to make, I replied. You don’t need to be precise. I had a recipe but she decided to look for an easier one.

And then we started. Baking soda? Is that the same as Baking powder? Back to google! Okay, for those who may not know, they are not the same thing. Baking soda needs acid to activate, baking powder does not. So we don’t have baking soda, we have baking powder. Then I remembered reading somewhere that Bicarbonate of soda is the same as Baking soda. Back to google! Will we ever get started? Yes! They are the same thing. And the Afrikaans word for Bicarbonate of soda is Baksoda, which literally translates to Baking soda, so that was the first clue, which we had ignored.

Next obstacle. We didn’t have castor sugar. Can we use granulated sugar, she asks. Yes you can, I reply. But back to google. It says we can blend granulated sugar to make castor sugar. You don’t have to, I say. But I want to, she says. Only to find that out blender has stopped working. Okay, let’s just go with granulated sugar, she says.

The recipe says mash 4 bananas, but they are small so I’m going to mash 5 she says. No argument from me there. We don’t have enough soft butter, she says. Oh dear, all the butter is still in the freezer! I’ve read somewhere that you can grate frozen butter she says. Really, I reply? Let’s try it then. And it worked!

Should we cream the butter and sugar by hand or use the beaters, she asks? Use the beaters, I reply. The butter and sugar needs to become like a light cream when ready, I advise. I think I’ll just do it by hand, she says. Okay, I reply. Use a wooden spoon. After 3 minutes, I think we should use the beaters, she says. After another 2 minutes with the beaters, I don’t think it needs any more beating, she says. I peek. Oh no, it needs quite a bit more. I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s ready, I say.

I’m really not a baker, she says.

After all that, the loaf turned out quite well. Just a little burnt on the bottom. Was it because we set the oven to 180 degrees Celsius instead of the stipulated 175 degrees? We’ll never know. The next time we bake banana bread, we’re using my recipe I say!

My husband loves the loaf! We must buy more bananas so that Nicole can make another banana loaf, he says.

I’m not a baker! Oh well 😂

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