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Lunch with my daughter

Just been to lunch with my daughter at a lovely restaurant on the edge of a very busy road. You wouldn’t know that the busy road was there once you stepped inside. Such lovely decor. And don’t forget to look up; the ceiling is covered with lots of twirling bamboo umbrellas.

The waiter we had was delightful, and yes I know that they work for tips, but some are still more delightful than others.

My daughter ordered a Penang cocktail – rum, coconut, litchi, syrup and lime I think. What an awful bright green drink. And far too sweet. She didn’t like it and landed up having my drink instead – a mango margarita, what a difference in look and taste!

  • We ordered from their small plates menu. We both ordered the crispy tofu in a shiitake mushroom broth. Delicious, but where was the broth? She also had deep fried duck wonton, tempura crab and beef bao. All delicious but her favorite was the crab.
  • I also ordered prawn crisps, pork skewers and Korean fried chicken bao. The pork and chicken dishes were good; not so the prawn crisps. The prawn crisps weren’t fried properly (some parts hadn’t puffed out at all) and they tasted of stale oil. I handed them back to the waiter who apologized and brought a freshly fried batch. Kudos to the restaurant for that. But the taste of stale oil was still there. And there was no taste of prawn.
  • Now I have fried prawn crisps at home and I have eaten them hundreds of times in Chinese restaurants – they are a staple and they have a distinctive prawn flavor. So after I paid the bill, I gave the waiter some constructive feedback on the prawn crisps. I suggested that his chef taste the prawn crisps. My daughter said that the chef didn’t look happy with the feedback. The restaurant was practically empty but do you think the chef bothered to come chat? No. I suppose the dish is one of their cheapest on the menu, so he couldn’t be bothered. But there you go.
  • It was nonetheless a pleasant meal. My daughter ordered two fortune cookies and when she told the waiter that the one she opened up told her that she was okay, not great, he brought another one for her on the house. The waiter, he’s a keeper!
  • Until next time 🍷
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