Word for the Week: Enthusiasm

I have absolutely loved having a word for the week! It’s just given me another hook to hang onto when I needed a different perspective.

I have spent this past week getting my coaching business up and running. I held an awareness session with people who had shown an interest in the launch and explained the difference between the group and individual coaching sessions.

Of the 14 people who attended the session, two have signed up for individual coaching! It is almost for nothing though, as I am giving them a less 60% discounted rate. I am nevertheless eager to get started.

Eight of the 14 have opted for the group sessions. Plus another four who had not attended the awareness session also signed up. The group sessions are for free, so it is the more popular option.

I have completed the program structure for the group sessions as well as the structure and high level content for each session. I just need to do some more work to button down the content detail and then I will be ready!

One of the ‘power tools’ for the program is understanding the power of storytelling and how the stories that we tell ourselves either help or hinder our successes in life. I found this lovely pic to show that my love for fantasy has not changed since my childhood!

And so to the word for the week. I would like to tackle this coming week with enthusiasm! And I would like that enthusiasm to rub off on all the people who I will be coaching.

As usual, if my word for the week resonates with you, please feel free to adopt it and to let me know how it worked for you.

Until next time 🍷

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