One year today!

I must say that it is hard to believe, but I’ve just seen a notification from WordPress to say that I’ve been blogging for a year! How time flies!

So to celebrate, here is a post about a delicious little Cornish pastie that I made for lunch today.

Our family loves pies! And specifically Cornish pies. But the place that made the best ones have stopped making them. And there are only a few places that still make and sell them and they are often sold out by the time I get there.

So I made the pie filling with some slow cooked beef chuck, cut into small cubes, cubed potato and carrots and peas. I think the trick to a good pie filling is in the sauce. I made two test pies and the filling was a bit dry. So I used a good left over stock from another dish and made a roux to thicken the sauce. It was glossy and rich. And lifted the filling to a completely different level.

Take a look at the end result. The (bought) pastry was light and flaky and the filling was rich and delicious. Absolutely yum šŸ˜‹

Until next time šŸ·

5 thoughts on “One year today!”

    1. Thank you Robyn! There were many times when I wanted to stop blogging and then one of your likes would pop up. So thank you for your support šŸ™šŸ¼

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