Word for the Week

Hooray! I managed to walk twice this past week. The area around the dam was already bustling with canoeists, fisherman (or perhaps men just pretending to fish ☺️), cyclists, runners and of course other walkers like me.

Earlier in the week, I was very pleased to count five ducklings and their momma duck back on the road side of the dam. Alas this morning, only three. And they have grown! They will soon be unrecognizable as ducklings. I hope these three make it to duckhood.

I was on training for three days last week. Because I messed up the accommodation booking, I drove the 50km there and back every day. It was better than I thought although once or twice I had to brake hard due to slight lapses in concentration.

But I enjoyed the training so very much! It has brought clarity to the coaching approach that I have been struggling to define. After this training, I have finalized the service offerings of my company which has enabled me to complete the writing of my company profile. I can now apply for procurement registration with large corporates.

So what is my word for the week? It has to be optimistic. I am coming to the end of month 2 of unemployment and while I had decided that I would take a well deserved rest for 3 months, I can feel the itch to get going with my business and in truth it all feels just sooo slow!

If my word for the week resonates with you, please feel free to adopt it for yourself.

Until next time 💫

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