Word for the week

This week my word has to be focus! I’m on training for three days this week and I decided that I should book accommodation at the venue. In a rush to get what I thought was the last of two rooms left, I booked the wrong dates! And I cannot change the dates. And the venue is fully booked.

What a waste of money. So now instead of staying, I will drive back and forth in peak hour traffic. Not a good start to the week at all. And I can already hear all the castigating going on inside my head; idiot, stupid, etc.

I will use my word for the week to turn this situation around. I will remember this mistake and let it spur me on to focus more and to pause before acting. And perhaps I will use the wrong booking for a short mid-week break to visit a friend in the area whom I haven’t seen for a long time. So perhaps it won’t be such a waste after all!

Please go ahead and adopt my word for the week if it resonates with you. Have a great week all!

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