Word for the Week

Last week my word for the week was Energy. The purpose of instituting a word for the week was to supplement my word for the year – Imagine. So how did it go? Did it work?


Reflecting on the past week, I would say that it was useful to have two words. Imagine helps me to be creative, to think ouside the box, and it is a reminder to me to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Energy has helped me to prepare for each day. It has been a reminder that I have to drive and motivate myself now that I don’t have an external force (my previous job, in this case) to drive me.

I managed to walk most mornings this week. My routine has become to drop my daughter off at varsity and to walk afterwards. So my morning walk has been around 9h00 most days. By then, the hum of the traffic has mostly died away and the roads are easier to navigate. I always walk past the dam. I find that the open air, the water and the ducks provide a natural energy. Although I am tired from the walk (at least 25% of the walk is uphill), I always feel more energised and refreshed.

This week has been taken up quite a bit with family. My young nephew was killed in a car accident and because of the family religion, he was buried the same day and I was made aware of the funeral too late to attend. They live a fair distance from us and I drove out in the week to spend an afternoon with the family. Energy took on a different meaning that afternoon. Although it was a very sad occasion, my cousin and his family were very touched that I drove so far to support them and I could feel the energy flow between us the entire visit.

And then my daughter took ill on Friday and I took her to the doctor on Saturday. The doctor took bloods and advise her to eat bland foods. I don’t usually cook on weekends, but my daughter was crying with pain – she was hungry but everything that she ate made her tummy ache more severely. So I cooked. I poached fish and served it with plain steamed rice for lunch. For dinner, I pan fried trout with a little olive oil and served that with some sweet pumpkin. For brunch this morning I poached eggs. For dinner, I steamed a whole chicken and served it with pak choy and noodles. What I wanted to illustrate here is the rush of energy I had to cook four meals in two days – a marathon for me! But it seemed to work, she has had no tummy pain since eating the food that I cooked. And this afernoon she was able to sit down and catch up on her studies. Hooray!

So to the word for this week. I think it wil be Patience. I have been chomping at the bit to get my business started. All the excitement of going on training, registering the company, having the photoshoot, have all but died away. I have received the photos from the photoshoot but the logo and business card designs have not yet been done so I haven’t received the eCommerce website. I feel like I’m in limbo. So this week I will need to practice patience. Wish me luck.

As before, if my word of the week resonates with you, please feel free to adopt it. And let me know how it worked for you.


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