Word for the Week

While out walking this morning, I thought that I would like to supplement my word for the year with a word for the week and that I would share it with you all.

A word for the year has become quite popular as a replacement for new year resolutions. New year resolutions tend to be quite rigid and they also have an expiration date. A word for the year is far more flexible and can be applied to just about every situation.

My word for the year is IMAGINE. Given the sudden change in my life status, I thought that I should spend much of this year to imagine and reimagine my future. I wanted to have a word that would not only inspire me but also let me think outside of my comfort zone. And imagine has served me very well thus far.

The word for this week that came to me as I was walking along with the wind in my face is ‘energy’.

The general meaning of energy is the ability to be active. In physics, energy is defined as the capacity to do work. Energy can exist in various forms and can be transformed from one form to another.

So I resolved to put lots of energy into everything that I do this week and trust that all that I do will transform into amazing outcomes.

Please feel free to go ahead and adopt my word for the week if it resonates with you.

Have a great week filled with wonderful positive energy everyone!

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