Walk/Run 21 Day Challenge

New year, new life.

The rain started on New Year’s Eve and we woke up on New Year’s Day to pouring rain and no power. The power outage lasted for just a little more than an hour but the rain continued for most of the day.

When the rain started to peter out from about 16h00, I started to think about taking a walk. I checked the weather app and it forecasted no rain for about two hours; from about 17h00 to 19h00. So I urged my daughter to take a walk with me. She was tired from dancing the new year in, but she laced up her shoes and we were off.

We walked down the road and past the dam. It was such a lovely walk. It was still quite overcast and the roads were very wet, but everything smelled so fresh and clean. My thigh muscles started to ache waking up the hill and we both slowed down quite a bit. It started to drizzle a little so we cut the walk short and made our way back home. We walked about 3.5km.

This morning, I laced up my shoes again. The weather app forecasted the rain to start at about 10h00, so this accelerated me out the door by 9h00. I even jogged a few meters every now and then! This time I covered the full 4km. I passed by the shops to pick up some fresh bread, lettuce and tomatoes and made sandwiches for the family when I got back home.

While out walking this morning, I thought that I would challenge myself to 21 days of walk/running. I feel that I need to challenge myself to propel me out of bed in the mornings. My daughter says she’ll join me tomorrow. I’m so excited!

Until next time 🍷

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