My Favorite Foods in 2018

There is something about fasting and only eating once or twice a day that heightens your sense of taste and enables you to enjoy your food more, I think.

Here is a collection of some of the dishes that I have really enjoyed eating this year. In some cases, I have made these dishes for the first time and have made a note to make them again.

In no particular order:

1. A green salad for our hot summer months. It’s made with baby gem lettuces, avocado pears, walnuts and Parmesan cheese. I used a Caesar dressing but a vinaigrette will also do.

2. Tripe and butter bean curry. I added the trotters which made this curry extremely rich! Not for the faint hearted.

3. Roasted marrowbone with roasted garlic. Another rich dish that needed the glass of wine to cut the richness.

4. Oysters – a perennial favorite! I like it with just a squeeze of fresh lemon, a few drops of Tabasco (hot pepper) sauce and a grind of black peppercorns.

5. Sui Gow – Chinese soup dumplings. They are massive and three or four is a meal on it’s own.

6. Bread and butter pudding with fresh blueberries. We eat it with a hot pouring custard. A winter favorite.

7. Thai Prawn salad made with steamed prawns, avocado pear, cucumber and lime and fish sauce dressing. Apologies for quality of pic.

8. Chinese red rice pork. So easy to make but it’s rich so we eat it only once or twice a year.

9. Fish and chips made the British way. My husband’s cousin has a take away and he makes the best fried fish and calamari. We buy takeaways from him at least once a month.

10. Scones with lashings of soft sweet butter! I learnt to make these in my teens and they are still my go to when I feel like something freshly baked. Also great with strawberry jam and whipped cream. Oh yum!

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