Day after Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas

And all through the house

Nobody stirred before ten

Not even the spouse!

Even though we only prepared two dishes for yesterday’s Christmas lunch, I felt really tired towards the end of the day.

I started the day with getting the red pork on to cook. A quick shower and off to church. The service ended with the singing of my favorite Christmas hymn – O holy night and then we picked up two empty boxes to fill for the charity supported by the church.

My cousin lives a good 45 minute drive out of town and I was relieved to be driving my car instead of my daughter’s car yesterday.

It had been a good day. Our family group was not as large as usual due to family members being away for the holidays and only one family member returned from overseas for Christmas. So it was a more relaxed affair this year.

But you would not think so by the lunch spread that appeared. I think that we don’t how to cook for a small family! This is what we had:

– A full roast turkey and potatoes

– Two Chinese roast ducks

– Roast belly pork

– Chinese barbecue pork

– Beef tongue

– Roasted vegetables

– Red pork with white rice

– Quinoa salad

– Citrus salad

– Green salad

– Salmon sushi salad

For dessert we had:

– Mango and yoghurt pudding

– Summer trifle – dairy and non-dairy

– Christmas pudding

– Bund cake

– Gin cupcakes

For sixteen people! Needless to say, there was loads of leftovers.

After a long, languid lunch, with lots and lots of drinks and ice, and with the sun setting, we settled down to Secret Santa. The youngsters decided to change it up a bit and introduced a variation. It confused everyone and did not work very well. I think it’s because everyone loves to open a present and one of the variations introduced this year was that you needed to decide if you wanted to steal a gift already opened or choose to open a new gift. The variation that did work was that the host introduced a gift that could be selected and stolen, but could not be opened until the very end. The gift was a six pack of red wine and the recipient does not drink at all!

I had my gift stolen twice. My first gift was an electronic tooth brush; the second was two packets of Chinese dried sausage and the gift that I walked away with was a set of Thingamijigs for the kitchen. My daughter asked me to grab those for her. So I actually didn’t get a gift. My daughter on the other hand, benefited from my Secret Santa, not for the first time if memory serves me well. And she had a successful Secret Santa. She chose a skull shaped decanter which nobody was interested in stealing.

When the sun has gone down, the kids played board games and I did some catching up with my cousins.

And then at 21h30 we called it a day. It was a long drive home and I was pleased that all my leftovers had been claimed by someone else, so I had no dirty dishes to cart back into the house. Winning!

Until next time 🍷

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