Daily Gratitudes: Day 20 of 21

My daughter and I finally went to the doctor today. We have both been coughing and sneezing and usually we self medicate but this is an unusual time for us (me anyway) to be suffering with sinusitis and my daughter has not been able to shake the cough for nearly two weeks now. Turns out that we are doing the right things, just not enough. The doc prescribed a nightly antihistamine for my daughter (I’m already taking one) and a decongestant spray for me (my daughter is already doing that). I’m grateful that we are on the mend; we don’t want to be coughing and sneezing through Christmas caroling.

At the office today I got lots of hugs. Two of the hugs were from team members who are going on vacation and another was from a team member who had only just heard that I will be leaving. They were such warm, all embracing hugs. I felt safe and loved. My daughter was at the office with me for a short while today and she said that she loved seeing how loved I am by my team. I was reminded today to be grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

I roped my daughter in once again today to help me with prep for Friday’s games. One of the items on the scavenger hunt list is red and white striped candy cane. Our local supermarket has them every year, but this year they have white canes with red dots! So I found some ready to roll white icing and a bottle of red food coloring. We rolled the icing into ropes and my daughter has drawn red stripes onto them. Now we have to wait for the icing to harden and if we can’t hang them then I’m sure we’ll find a place to display them lying down. I’m grateful to have found an alternative as we have had to take mistletoe off the list as we haven’t been able to find any. I’m sure that there are some people at the office who will be very grateful for this!

That’s all for today.

Until next time ☕️

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