Daily Gratitudes: Day 18 of 21

I was feeling under the weather today. Usually I would go into the office anyway, but seeing that there is so little for me to do at the office these days, I decided to work from home on the preparation for our holiday fun day at the office on Friday!

One of the games that we will be playing on Friday is ‘Pin the belt buckle on Santa’. So today I drew a life sized line drawing of Santa which my daughter will finish off later. Because teams will only have half an hour to complete this game, and we expect to have at least 10 teams of 10, we have decided to also do ‘Pin the nose on Rudolph’. We will be drawing Rudolph a bit later, but I will have to take them both in tomorrow so that we can get them laminated. Santa has been drawn over three flip chart pages and Rudolph will be drawn over two flip chart pages. I am grateful that my daughter is happy to help me with these unusual work items.

The idea of all the games for Friday is to foster teamwork. So we will also be playing Christmas Scavenger hunt; Reindeer Antlers; Christmas Rollick (reverse Christmas Charades). There will be prizes for the winning teams. The only individual prizes that we will be awarding is for the best dressed Santa and best dressed elf. We are also awarding a team prize for best Christmas team hat. I am grateful to be able to use my creative side for the last time before I leave.

I had a lot of fun today with the prep for Friday, despite not feeling well. Santa is drawn and colored in (hopefully the paint will dry overnight) and Rudolph has been drawn but not colored in (I wasn’t able to mix the paint to create brown). I have also developed all the clues for the scavenger hunt. Most will be pretty simple for IT people, but I think there are one or two that will require a little bit of ingenuity. The cards for Christmas Rollick have also been done. I think that’s most of the prep done, just to work out the timing for each game now and to find and brief the judges. I’m grateful to have got all this done so early in the week.

That’s all for today!

Until next time ☕️

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