Daily Gratitudes: Day 17 of 21

My daughter bounced out of bed this morning. She is so excited for our mother-daughter spa day today! A few weeks ago I scheduled a body scrub and hot stone massage for me. My daughter was supposed to have gone away after exams but when she postponed, she said that she would like to come with me for an Indian head massage and an aroma body massage. I’m grateful to have my daughter for company this afternoon. As Pooh Bear says, “it’s always better with two”.

I have done well with the fasting today. Because of dinner and working until so late last night, I only started my fast for the day after 1am this morning. As per usual, I had my morning cup of black coffee and had no hunger pangs by the time we were due to leave for our massages. I think I will be fine to continue fasting through the massages and only break my fast when we get home later this afternoon. I am grateful to have lost nearly 3kg in 10 weeks. It’s slow but I continue to be astonished by the fact that my weight continues to drop.

I feel so good! The massage was excellent and I don’t say that too often. I love a strong, hard massage and I want to feel that my left and and right sides have been treated equally, otherwise I start to get irritated during the massage and I land up leaving discontented. But today the therapist was excellent. I will be going back. Of course, I am very grateful to have experienced such a great massage. I’m also grateful that my daughter enjoyed her Indian head massage so much.

We are experiencing such an explosive hail storm right now. And the hailstones seem to be getting bigger the longer the storm goes on. I am grateful to have got home before the storm broke and that our cars are undercover. I am also grateful for a break from the suffocating heat!

That’s all for today!

Until next time ☕️

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