Daily Gratitudes: Day 16 of 21

I seem to be saying this a lot, but today was a good day.

It is 1am and I have just got home from work. I’m having my first cup of tea for the day and yes, this is going to be the first time in 10 weeks that I won’t be fasting for 16 hours.

I started the day with my usual black coffee. That was such a long time ago that I’m trying to remember if I had anything to eat for lunch. Oh yes! My daughter and I shared a slice of apple pie with fresh cream. Before then, I had zoomed off to the shops to buy items for the Christmas hampers for my home help staff. One of them is going home for the holidays next week, so I had to pack her hamper today. Because it was already late, I bought chicken and chips for her lunch and I confess that I snuck a chicken strip and a couple of chips from her plate! She was so happy with her hamper and her bonus, that she gave me a big hug. I’m really grateful for that hug, it was so unexpected!

My exec told me a few months ago that he had a beef noodle dish in Taiwan about 10 years ago and he has not been able to find a restaurant that makes the dish the same way. So I promised that I would take him to Swallows Inn. Tonight I finally made good on that promise. Luckily I asked my husband about the dish because I had the wrong dish in mind! I invited a few of our colleagues who were also working tonight and also ordered a few more dishes! Luckily the noodle dish was exactly what he was looking for because the bill was a bit more than I had expected! We had a great meal and I’m grateful for the wonderful service that we received from the staff.

Tonight was our last release into production for the year; it was also our 25th release for the year, and I have been in attendance at 22 of those releases. This means that I have worked until midnight or later for the equivalent of a month! I am grateful that the release went relatively smoothly tonight and that we were done by 00h30. Still past midnight but not by much.

As per usual, my exec checks in with me to confirm that I have arrived safely home. He has done this for every release that we have both worked on this past year. Not for the first time this year have I acknowledged that I am grateful to have such a caring executive.

It’s getting really late, so that’s it for today.

Until next time ☕️

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