Daily Gratitudes: Day 15 of 21

One of the first things I thought about when I heard that I was to leave, was to buy a gift for my team members.

I have become quite a champion for continuous learning and personal development in recent years and I usually turn to books when I cannot think of anything else. And so it was that I found myself not for the first time this year in the bookstore.

I have 18 people who report directly to me. So it was no small task to select books for so many people. In the end, I selected only two authors; Robin Sharma, who wrote the international best seller The monk who sold his Ferrari, and Richard Templar. I had not read any Richard Templar books before, but he had a few titles on the shelf that caught my eye; The rules to break, The rules of life, The rules of people and The rules of love. I really enjoyed reading some of the ‘rules’ that I dipped into and it became quite easy to then select 18 books.

I took the books in today and my team came round and selected a book each. It was quite fascinating to see what they selected. And The rules of life were the first to become ‘sold out’ followed closely by The monk who sold his Ferrari. Very interesting! I am grateful for the discussion that the books generated and that it broke the ice around my leaving. Some of my team were able to talk about my leaving with me for the first time without feeling emotional or uncomfortable.

I stayed a little late at the office to begin the task of clearing out my laptop and my desk. This is going to be a mammoth task given that I have used my work address for the last seven years for all correspondence. But it is December and I have the last release going in tomorrow. So from next week, my workload will be next to nothing and I will be able to focus on organizing my life around a home office. I have already started to look for a new laptop which I hope to purchase soon. I am grateful that I will have at least two weeks to be able to do all of this. I think I would feel quite frantic otherwise.

Until next time ☕️

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