Daily Gratitudes: Day 14 of 21

I took the day off today! My daughter and I went off to the cheese deli and we bought the most delectable Gorgonzola, soft, melting Camembert and some other cheese that is a little like Camembert, but I can’t remember the name. We also bought a baguette; these are the best baguettes in town! We came home and had our fill of baguette and cheese, washed down by some ice cold Cabernet Sauvignon! What a lovely way to spend the morning. I am grateful for such a lovely start to the day.

It is insanely hot today! I am so used to spending my days in an air conditioned office with double glazed windows! I usually have no idea what it’s like outdoors. And the only time that we talk about the weather at the office is when we look out the windows and the sky has turned dark at 14h00 and the trees have started to whip in the wind. Have you seen? There’s a storm brewing. Then everyone starts making plans to leave the office before the storm arrives. In Joburg, the storms can be fierce and is often accompanied by hail. The last place anyone wants to be is stuck in traffic when the hail hits. We had the fan on this afternoon and drank bottles of iced water. The sun is dipping now and I am grateful that the worst of the heat is over for the day.

It’s turned out to be a lovely, warm evening. I was watching MasterChef Australia and engrossed in listening to how one of the Italian contestants makes chicken schnitzel – she brines the chicken breasts – and the crumb is made with dried bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese and oregano. Sounds yum! And then my phone rang. Oh gosh! I had forgotten that I had an appointment with a Tony Robbins coach! I had been so excited about the call, so don’t know how I could have forgotten about it. It was such a lovely conversation, I feel quite rejuvenated now. It turns out that he knows my brother (also a Tony Robbins master coach) personally – what a small world! Although I know myself really well, and I know what I need to do, I think that working with a coach will keep me focused on my goal. Coaching has been a goal of mine for more than two years now but I haven’t taken it to where I would like it to be. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to clarify my thinking with a top coach.

Because I had the day off, I made dinner! I pan fried a 450g rump steak, basted with butter and crushed garlic towards the end of the cooking time. I use the not always so reliable thumb poking method to determine if the steak has reached medium rare stage; my husband’s preference. Today it was perfectly done. I served it with a fresh salad – perfect for such a hot evening. My husband is a very fussy eater and his usual evaluation of a meal is ‘not bad’. Tonight his verdict was ‘quite good’. I’m not sure if I should feel grateful or not 🤣🤣🤣

Until next time ☕️

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